Food Safety 

COVID-19 Precautions: 

  • All workers are screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at the start of each work day

  • Anyone showing any symptoms is not allowed to work and is sent home

  • Management checks with all workers throughout the work day to make sure each worker's health status has not changed

  • All workers wear disposable gloves at all times 

  • All growing and harvesting tools are sanitized with a bleach solution mixed per CDC guidelines before each use

  • All surfaces in the harvest/packing areas are sanitized with a bleach solution mixed per CDC guidelines before each use

  • All produce packaging is new and never reused

  • CSA workers at the weekly pickup point follow the same screening and precautions

Standard Practices:

  • All farms involved in our CSA practice standard Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the production of our crops

Wash Your Produce:

  • All produce is sold unwashed.  Please wash all produce thoroughly before eating 

Is Our Produce Certified Organic?

  • While not all of our farms are certified organic we make it our mission to produce healthy food

  • We use organic, non-gmo seeds  

  • We do NOT use chemical sprays. All of our pest and disease management strategies follow organic principals.  If you want more information about our growing practices, pest and disease management programs etc, please contact us. We are happy to share our 10 years worth of farming knowledge 

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