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Welcome Same Canoe members. To get your produce you must do the following:

  1. Click the picture above this takes you to the same canoe product in our web store

  2. Add the product on the next page to your cart

  3. Use the promo code given to you to zero the cost out

  4. Complete Checkout. You will know its complete once have entered your info AND you get an order number and confirmation email

  5. Once, and only when you get an order number and confirmation email are you good to pickup the following Saturday. If you do not complete this process we will not have you on the list and will not have packed produce for you.  You will be asked for your name and order number at pick up.

This will get you a predetermined set of produce purchased for you by the Same Canoe Program.  

If you would like to purchase additional produce please make a separate order through our web store during the web store open hours of Tuesday 8am to Thursday at noon.  If all you want is the Same Canoe produce bundle then all you have to do is complete the steps 1 through 5 above.  

Thank you! If you have any questions please contact us or the folks at Same Canoe


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